Announcement – HoloLens Blueprint published

8 months of greats team work, burning mid-night oils and numerous weekends have resulted in the successful release of HoloLens Blueprint. Thanks to the team and co-authors of this book Abhijit Jana and Mallikarjuna Rao, along with me in accomplishing this achievement.

Through this book, you can start your mixed-reality journey by understanding different types of digital realities (VR/AR/MR). You will learn to build your first holographic application, also you will understand holographic application integration possibilities within Line of Business (LOB) Applications using Azure. Moving ahead, you will create Integrated Solutions using IoT (Internet of Things) with HoloLens. Gradually you’ll learn how to create and deploy applications on a device. You will learn to publish application to the store, and if you are an enterprise developer, you will also learn to manage and distribute applications for enterprise-enabled or domain-joined HoloLens devices. Finally, you will develop an end-to-end realistic holographic app, ranging from scenario identification to sketching, development, deployment, and, finally, production.

Title Page

HoloLens Blueprint (ISBN-10: 1787281949, ISBN-13: 978-1787281943) is available at Amazon & Publisher’s web site

What you will learn

  • Interact with holograms using different interaction models
  • Develop your first holographic app
  • Integrate holographic applications with cloud systems like Azure
  • Visualize data feeds coming from the cloud (Azure) through holograms
  • Manage the application distribution of enterprise-enabled HoloLens
  • Integrate HoloLens applications with services deployed on Azure
  • Identify and create 3D Assets and Scenes
  • Use HoloLens to explore the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Use HoloLens to develop your retail business solution

So lets kick start mixed reality journey within HoloLens, and keep sharing your feedback, you can reach out to us at –,,