Positive Vs Negative Attitude

Recently there has been instances, where I felt I am surrounded by lot of negative folks, who are trying hard to pull me into their negative thinking zone. This experience introduced a thought among me – “how to identify this negativity and can I do something about it?”

How to identify negative vs positive attitude?

Positive Attitude Individual Negative Attitude Individual
In case of a problem, individual will come up with solutions. In case of problem, individual will come up with excuses, and will try supporting them with hypothetical statements.
Individual will look for long term goals Individual will look for short term gains
Individual will took ownership of work and demonstrate leadership traits Individual will try to run away from ownership
Individual look for opportunities Individual look for limitations

How to retain positive thinking?

  1. Focus on problem solving for existing problems
  2. Spend time with positive people
  3. Stop complaining
  4. Be curious and embrace learning
  5. Look for long term, instead of short term goals
  6. Assume responsibility and choose your response
  7. Stay away from negativity (including folks with negative attitude)
  8. Always support people around you


In our Vedic scripture also, there is a reference of this,

“Vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam’’

Vitarka = improper thoughts; Badhane = troubling ; Pratipaksha = opposite; Bhavanam  = side.

“When improper thoughts trouble you, then take the opposite side.”

Summary – the mind has capability of thinking only one thing at a time, so make it positive. Whenever you have a chain of bad thoughts, just think of the opposite, break the chain, go have some fresh air.

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